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Remember picture day when you were a school kid? Your mom dressed you in your best knickers or Sunday dress and your pictures came out great for all the world to see, braces and all!  Well, our picture day is a lot different from that unless yours also included muscle flexing, drawing books, horse play, joke cracking, and the International Drawing Class Arm Wrestling Federation Championship! Of course you know I'm undefeated. (Hey, I haven't met an 11 yr. old yet who can take me!)


The first class of How to draw comic heroes GOD's way! 

(Or maybe it's the WCW vs. NWO!)

Kevin and Jared at the Ben Hill class.
These guys are best buds, and man can they draw!


The new crew at Dulaney House.
I'm the tough one in the middle!


These guys were having so much fun, that I thought
you'd like to see another picture of 'em!