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Conclusion of our exclusive interview with The Liberator!

RH: Great. Now that we know how you started, can you tell us why you do what you do?

Liberator: The ďwhyĒ goes back to ďwhatĒ. I do it because of what God's purpose is for me, itís what He has put in me. Everything that Iíve learned up to this point, all the years Iíve spent developing myself, training my body and my mind, and learning the Word of God, itís all lead me to this point. All of my training as a fighter pilot and a marksman, learning self discipline and how to trust the Lord in dangerous situations, I saw how all of those things prepared me for Godís purpose for my life as I lay in that hospital bed. You know whatís great though, once you find Godís purpose for your life, thatís where your peace is. Thatís where youíll have peace, thatís where youíll have rest, you wonít have to wonder why youíre here on this earth!

I recommend to everybody reading this interview, spend time with God, spend time on your knees talking with Him about just what He wants you to do, what job does He have for you in this life. Youíre here for a reason. Itís not a coincidence that youíre here. I mean, today kids are taught that they come from a blob of slime that crawled out of the primordial ooze, and that we evolved from some little slug or something! If thatís true then thereís no real purpose or direction to our lives, weíre just here as a mass of tissue, walking and talking and we just happen to be able to think. Give me a break! Creation is so awesome and so intricately detailed and precise, how could it happen by chance? No way! Well, the same thing is true regarding your life. Youíre not here just by chance! Now me, I know what Iím here for, and I want to let you know that God has a plan and purpose for you too. Just think, based on what God has for you, someoneÖ well I was going to say that someday someone could read a story about your life, but Iíll go so far as to say that no matter what you do, someone is already reading the story of your life!

RH: What do you mean?

Liberator: In the Bible, in II Corinthians chapter 3, Paul the Apostle says that their lives are like an open letter, that the life you live is a letter that someone else reads. What kind of message does your life send or give to others? Think about that.
Thatís what I think about in everything I do. I plan on doing it to the best of my ability, but I have to trust God.

RH: We joked a little bit earlier about your sunglasses, some may think that youíre trying to be cool, you do have that cool slick look about you. You were saying that the explosion in the cockpit did some damage to your eyes?

Liberator: My eyes are sensitive to light because of the explosion, so I wear the glasses because of that. Itís an area where I end up having to trust the Lord.

RH: In what way?

Liberator: When Iím out on a rescue, I am a marksman, but because of the injury to my
eyes I donít always see things as clearly as I used to. So I have to trust the Lord to make sure that my aim is true.

RH: Since youíve become the Liberator, and you go out on a rescue, have you ever been afraid? Does a hero get scared?

Liberator: Have I ever been scared? (Laughter.) Yes! (More laughter.) Iíd have to be crazy or lying to you if I said that Iíve never been afraid before. Sometimes Iím halfway around the world in a place Iíve never been, with people speaking a language I donít even know, thatís difficult as it is. The tough part comes in, hey, I donít want to kill anybody, but the bad guys donít feel the same way towards me! They donít mind shooting to kill or blowing me up or something! They donít have the same convictions that I do, so it can be fearful. But I keep going back to my faith in God because itís my greatest weapon. If it wasnít for knowing Godís purpose for my life, if it wasnít for being able to walk by faith, then no, thereís no way I could do this, thereís no way I could be the Liberator, I couldnít even think about it. I donít dwell on the fear or the danger, what I think about and give my attention to is what is the job at hand, and what has God called me to. I tell you, many times Iím excited and I want to see just as much as anybody else, what is the Lord going to do in this particular situation to get me out of the danger I happen to be in at the moment!

RH: Thanks for talking with us and letting our readers get to know you a little better.

Liberator: You're welcome. Thanks for having me, it's been great.

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