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Edgar J. Williams

What is a Hero? 

I asked that question to a group of kids once while speaking to a youth group, and I got some great answers. Here's what some of them said. "A hero is someone who is big and strong, someone who's brave, a person who rescues people", and the answer I thought the most interesting, "Someone who can do something no one else can do." I like the answers you get from kids because they're so honest and straightforward. 

Let's look at how Webster's dictionary defines a hero. "Any man admired for his courage, nobility, valor, character, achievements, or exploits, and regarded as an ideal or [role] model." I find that definition interesting, as well as what those kids had to say, especially in light of the current system of values our country has today. "Whaddaya mean?" you might say. Sit tight and I'll tell ya!

Isn't it interesting that values like courage, honesty, faith in God, strong families, and valuing human life, no longer seem important in our nation today. Oh, I do believe that many people in America, maybe even a majority, believe in these things, but their voices are often drowned out by the loud blarings of pop culture and the media-political elite. I'm not trying to be negative, nor do I have an ax to grind, but I do have a question to ask, 
"Where are the heroes!!!?

I was in a conversation not long ago, and the subject of how drugs and violence run ramped in our society came up. When I mentioned that the lack of values and morals has led to the breakdown of the family, I was told, "Hey, stop right there, don't tell me about morals, you can't put your morality off on me!" I was surprised. If thatís how many people today think, it's no wonder we're headed down the slippery slope of "If it feels good, do it". We're on dangerous ground when we live life according to how we feel, instead of what we know to be right. No wonder so many young people fill their heads up with Gansta rap and Death metal rock. Why do they do it? Why do they listen to such destructive music? Don't know? Well, I'll tell ya! It's because they live in a world without hope, and a life without hope is as meaningless as the dust that blows in the wind. Hope is based on faith, and faith in God through Christ Jesus is the only way life has meaning.

Again, where are the heroes? Are they on television, in movies, politics, or even the athletic field? Maybe, but more often than not what we mostly hear about is corruption and scandal. So much so that most people have become complacent by it all. There's a danger in that complacency because it leads us to an apathy that says right is wrong and wrong is right. I mean, when the good guys in comic books start acting as bad as the bad guys, (killing, swearing, etc.) then there's definitely a problem! Now, don't get me wrong, I do think that there are still heroes and role models out there, but I think that many people, especially young people, no longer think it's possible to become one. That's where this newsletter comes in, and not just this newsletter, but everything that we do at PWP. From comics to drawing books, from drawing classes to speaking to youth groups, our vision is to "Restore heroes to today's generation". We do that by using the artistic and creative talents God has given us to spread the good news of Jesus Christ!

The heroes that we hope to restore aren't the comic characters that we portray, but instead are the young people (and the young at heart!) that read our comics, learn to draw our characters, and are still searching for hope and heroes in the world around them.

What do you think? Write or email us a note, whether you agree or disagree. We'd love to hear from ya! Each newsletter I'll be writing this article on a wide variety of subjects: comics, politics, faith, family values, and even sports. But never fear, the end result will always be to make you think and to advance one more step in restoring heroes to today's generation!