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Prosperous Warrior Productions (PWP) started in 1991 with what I would call 
a simple but powerful word from God! While praying and praising God I heard the Lord speak to me saying, "The key to your financial success is hinged on the talents God has given you!" I instantly knew in my heart just what he meant. For years I thought I had to pursue a career that the economists and vocational experts said would offer the most opportunities, based on what they considered were the hot career fields. However, that limited me to what the world said I could or couldn't do. Instead, I realized the truth of what God said in Proverbs 18:16, "A man's gift makes room for him and brings him before great men." I have a gift, a talent, (and so do you!) that God has given me, and I learned that's where I needed to train and develop myself for future success. With that the Lord set me free from the foolish idea that I couldn't be successful, that I couldn't "make it" using the talent that He has given me. From that eye opening (or should I say Liberating!) beginning I picked up my pencil and starting drawing again!

Shortly afterward PWP was started to be an outlet for all of the things my artistic imagination could produce. Our first project was the very popular "Don't get between me and my angel" T-shirt, and we followed that with several other Christian T-shirt designs. We have since branched out into drawing Christian comics, speaking to youth groups, and writing our first book entitled, "How to draw comic heroes God's way". In our latest effort we use our drawing book to teach "How to draw comic heroes God's way", a class that teaches young artists how to use their God-given talent to draw comic heroes from a Christian perspective!

PWP is more than just a business though, it's also a ministry.
Our chief aim is to glorify God with the talents He has given us,
and to use those talents to lead others to
a saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!

GOD Bless Ya!

Edgar J. Williams