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Do you want to improve your drawing skills, but you're not sure where to start?
Well, step right up kid and don't be shy! You've come to just the right place to find some great drawing tips to help you grow as an artist! Be sure to come back often, because we'll be regularly updating the tips with new ones. So get your pencil and
get your paper, and let's get busy! Oh yeah, remember to sketch lightly!

First, we start with a "stick figure"
of the arm. Notice how circles are used for the shoulder, elbow, and fist.
step 1
In order to draw the arm we need to know it's basic shape. Using the basic shape makes it easier to draw! The basic shape of the arm is the cylinder. Connect the outsides of the circles to form the cylinders. step 2
Here's the fun part, now we add the muscles! There's no substitute for studying anatomy, it's a must for comic artists. Draw the muscles that you see here, and notice where the stick figure is in relation to the muscles of the arm. step 3
Now we clean up our drawing by erasing the lines we don't need and adding the details that make our muscular arm complete. Whammo Spammo, we're done! step 4

How'd ya do? I'm sure you did a great job, and the more that you work at it
the better you'll get! Email me and tell me how you liked this drawing tip, and if
there's other tips you'd like to see let me know, I'll be glad to draw 'em up for ya!