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How to draw comic heroes God's way

Do you enjoy comics? Do you like to draw? If so, come and learn How to Draw Comic Heroes GOD's Way! A lot of people wonder, "What do you mean by drawing GOD's way?" Read the preface below to our drawing book by Edgar J. Williams. In it you'll not only find the answer to that question, but you'll also learn the eternal cosmic truth that upholds the Universe! 
(No foolin'...Really!)

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The first demonstration of GOD's power that the world has ever seen was His awesome power in creation,   He created the universe! That awesome and mighty power isn't destructive, but instead it is creative and life - giving. Such is GOD's power, such is true creativity!

If you look at the world around you, you will see the wonders of GOD's creation, from the depths of the oceans below to the outer limits of space beyond, everything displays the awesome creative power of GOD! You might say, "That's all well and good, but what's it got to do with art?" Well, I'm glad you asked, because it's got everything to do with art!

GOD was and is the first and greatest artist, period. That's our foundation, that's where we stand. Ever look at the beauty of a sunrise or appreciate the colors of a sunset? GOD did that. Remember when you were a kid (you may still be one!), lying on the ground watching the clouds, your young imagination excited by the fluffy white shapes in the sky? GOD made them. Ever gazed into the night sky, seeing the moon and stars, GOD made those too!

Looking at nature we can see the creative power of GOD, but He wasn't satisfied with just rocks and trees, He wanted to crown His creation. He wanted to create something like Himself, something that could appreciate and enjoy the beauty of His creation, something that He could deposit His very own LIFE into. That something was man.

From this I hope you can see that there is an awesomeness to GOD's creative plan, a plan that involves you and me. All creation and creative ability comes from GOD. The end product of that creative ability is what we call art, and those who produce it we call artists. Remember, GOD was the first artist, He deposited that creative ability into all of us, and it expresses itself in many different ways.

Anything that comes from GOD is powerful. Art is powerful. Therefore artists do have a great responsibility with the works that they create. Look at the arts today; film, theater, music, painting, dance, literature, they all have a profound influence on the world at large, for better and for worse. The words of a song, the images on film, and even the stories in a comic book can have life changing effects on people. Being artists we not only have a great responsibility, but we also share in a great honor in that we (in a very minute way) are privileged to "create" works of art just as GOD himself! GOD has created you for a specific purpose in life, and out of that purpose comes your vision, your drive, and your goals. It is no coincidence that you have artistic ability, that you desire to draw, paint, dance, write or sing, GOD put that desire in you! Glorify GOD with your talent and never be ashamed of it.

This book has a twofold purpose. First, to inform you that your artistic talent is a GOD-given gift. Creative ability and artistic expression are reflections of GOD's own glory. We artists have the responsibility, the joy, and the honor of sharing in that. Secondly, this book was written to teach young artists how to draw comic book heroes in a fresh and exciting way, GOD's way! If you're reading this book (and I'm assuming that you are!) I'm sure that you're a fan of comic books, and more specifically, comic book art. While this isn't a "How to Draw Comics" book, I do teach you what I've learned about drawing the most exciting aspect of comic books, the heroes!

Drawing GOD's way is to give glory and honor to GOD with every stroke of the pen, pencil, and brush. Too many artists fail to realize the simple but profound truth that their talent comes from GOD. Consequently, they produce work that is profane, obscene, and in many cases even demonic. Purpose in your heart before GOD that you won't pervert or waste your talent in that way, and choose to only create works of art that you wouldn't be ashamed to show the Lord Jesus Christ Himself! 

Edgar J. Williams